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2016   Completed a Ph.D. course in Fine Arts at Dongguk University, Korea
2005   MFA in the Dept. of Traditional True Colored Painting, Hansung University, Korea
2001   BFA in the Dept. of Fine Arts(Oriental Painting), Hansung University, Korea

2017   Correspondence, alter.ego
2014   Leopard Masterpiece, Gallery Hanok , ADAMAS253 Gallery Invitation Exhibit
2012   Tiger Skin Pattern holding Grand Events, Gallery GAHOEDONG60 Invitation Exhibit
2010   Welcome. Illusion, AKA Gallery Invitation Exhibit
         In the Public Eye, THE K Gallery Invitation Exhibit
2009   Daily Traces_ Memories of the Brush, Gallery Godo

2017   Queens : ENVISIONING HABITATS, Flushing Town Hall, New York
          Art up Rouen, art fair, France
          Si’Art Strassbourg, art fair, France
          Hanover Art Fair, Germany
          Ink Time 21, Hanwon Museum of Art, Seoul
          The Origin of Our Coloring, "Jinchae," Beopgo Changshin 2017, Dongdeok Art Gallery, Seoul
          Seoul in Essen, Essen Gallery, Germany
          Contemporary Art Trend, Ami Museum of Art, Dangjin
   Person_Talight, Grimson Gallery, Seoul


2007   2nd Gangneung Dano Seohwajeon Special, Gangneung Culture and Arts Center
         The 1st Herald Traditional Culture and Arts Exhibition, Ansan Culture and Arts Center
2006   31st Korea Traditional Crafts Festival Encouragement Award, Seoul Traditional Culture Center
   21st Korea Buddhist Exhibition, Insa Art Center
2004   20th Korea Buddhist Exhibition Special, Insa Art Center
2003   6th Angyeon Art Exhibition Oriental Painting Special, Seosan Cultural Center
2001   11th Korean War, Gwangju Biennale

  Jeong Hae Jin uses "Jinchae" technique which was used by painters in palace during Joseon Dynasty. She also works at Jinchae Research Institute, works on development of traditional Korean silk coloring. Jeong was fascinated by the intense, vivid colors of portraits of the royals and decorations in the museum. Buddhist paintings and tomb murals from Goryeo and Goguryeo Dynasty were of the same materials. Jeong became more fascinated by the fact that Jinchae is used on transparent silk background and express the colorful and serious Buddhist paintings and since then she's been working with silk using its transparency and Jinchae.

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