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Lee Zee Soo


Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, Kunst Keramik,

Aufbaustudium in Germany Doctorial Course Certified in Fine Arts

Ceramic Art at Sungshin Womens’ University MFA in Dept. of Crafts

Graduate School of Sungshin Womens’ University 

Solo Exhibitions

8 Solo Exhibitions (Germany, Korea) and more than 130 group exhibitions and awards in competitions

Group Exhibitions 

          Exhibition “Yak Bang” The Daily Routie of the Palace, Changdeokgung Palace
2017 Craft Art S pecial Exhibition, Four Season Hotel, Seoul
          Special Exhibition, Craft Korea Organization Hana Bank PB Craft and Bank, Seoul
2016 “Hommage” Project Selection Exhibition, KCDF Gallery, Seoul
2015 F/W Maison & Objet, Paris Nord Villipinte, France
          International Ceramic Biennale
           C olor Ceramic Spectrum, K orea ceramic foundation
2014 “Gong Myeong” Korean Craft Arts Special Exhibition, India VIP visit Memorial
           Korean Crafts Quarter Guard Gallery
           Red Fort, India
           S/S Maison &
           Objet, Paris Nord Villipinte, France

           Special selected Craft Artist Solo Exhibition, KCDF Gallery, Seoul
           Star Merchandising Develop Project, Craft Trend Fair, COEX, Seoul
2013 F/W Maison & Objet, KCDF, Paris Nord Villipinte, France
          Craft & Design Product Development Project. Craft Trend Fair, COEX, Seoul
          “more than ceramic” Euro Design Center Invitational Solo Exhibition, ECD center, Seoul
           Turkey Korea, Invitational Exhibition, Heritage and Diversity, Museum of Hanyang University

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