Lee, Sa Ra

Ph.D. Hongik University

B.F.A. Sookmyung Women's University

M.F.A. Sookmyung Women's University

Solo Exhibition

19 times

2019 Insa Artcenter (Colorpool)

2018 Gallery Suppoment (Wonderand)

2017 Art Space H (Good Luck To You)

2016 Gallery Lee Jung A (Dream)

2016 Gallery Bon (Dream)2016 Gallery Ro (Lucky Bear)

2016 Gallery Bon (Dream)

2015 Seo Ho Art Museum (Dream)

2013 Gana Art Space (Dream)

2014, 2012, 2010, 2009 2008, 2007 Seoul Arts Center (Dream)

2010 Gallery Kin Hyun Ju (Dream)

2008 Gallery H (Dream)

2004 Seo Ho Gallery (Dream)

Group Exhibition

Over 300 times

2019 Wonderland (Silvershell, Tokyo, Japan)

2019 With Friends (63 Art Museum)

2019 Wonderland (Print Bakery)

2019 Do anything you want (Suppment Gallery)

2018 Art Supermarket (Insa Art center)

2018 100Album2,100Artists (Lotte Avenuel Art Hall)

2018 Doll’s House (Sinsegae Gallery)

2017 Back To The Toys (Gallery AK)

2017 My Petite Collection (Print Bakery)

20171 FunFun Festival (640 Art Tower)

2017 I Love Dream (Delight Square)

2017 Trio (SPC Square)

2017 From Memory (Insa Art Center)

2017 Beautiful Moment of Asia (Vietnam)

2017 Dream Gate (Hyundae Department store)
2016 DMC Festival (MBC)
2016 YMCA+YWCA (Gallery Image)
2016 A Living Pictures (GS Caltexs))
2016  Be My Love (Lotte Avenuel Art Hall)
2016 Cold truths (Bek Hak Art Museum)
2016 百花齊放 (Art Space H)
2016 Happy new year (Gallery 2U)

2015 Lee Jung A Gallery Open Ceremony (Lee Jung A Gallery)

2015 Dream (Seo Ho Art Museum)

2014 The strength of one's mind (Gallery Iljowon)

2014 Artist (Banwal Art Hall)

2013 The Story of Horai (Seoul Art Museum)

2013 Another portrait (Space Mom Art Museum)

2013 Joy Art (HamPyung Art Museum)

2012 Presents (Seoul Auction)

2012 A picture full of happiness (Seoul Auction)

2011 Fun & Toy (Gana Art Center)

2011 I LUV MYSELF (Insa Gallery)

2011 Play and Art are friends (Gana Art Park)

2011 8ways of Painting (Arts Boutique R)

2011 Fun & Toy (Gana Art Center, Busan)

2010 Play and Art are Friends (Jangheung Art Center)

2010 Houses (Cyart Gallery)

2009 4 Korean Artists (Fukuzumi Gallery, Osaka, Japan,)

2009 The Joyluck World (Gallery Artside)

2009 Houses (SooHoh Gallery)

2008 Face & Memory (SpaceMom Art Center)

2008 Art & Phenomenon (Gallery Aka)

2008 Daydream (Gallery Cainos)

2007 Critical Perspective (Insa Art Center)

2007 Real Image (Insa Art Center)

2007 Kids + Adult (Jangheung Art Park)

2007 Korean Artist Family (Korea Art Center)

2006 Happy Birthday (Insa Art Center)

2006 Draw (Seoul City Museum)

2006 Between Photography and Painting (Gallery Sun Contemporary)

And many more times

Art Fair

Over 100 times

2020 Gallery Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)

2019 One Art Taipei (Taipei)

2019 Gallery Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)

2019 AHAF (Paradise Hotel, Busan)

2018 Harbour Art Fair (Hongkong)

2018 ArtAsia (Kintex)

2018 Dream Art Fair (Han River Park)

2018 Art Expo (Coex)

2018 Gallery Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)

2018 Seoul Modern Art Show (Seoul Arts Center)

2017 AHAF (HongKong, Seoul)

2017 Harbour Art Fair (Hongkong)

2017 Pink Art Fair (Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul)

2017 Gallery Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)

2016 KIAF (Coex, Seoul)

2016 Hongkong Affordable Art Fair (HongKong)

2016 Spoon Art Fair (Kintex)

2016 Gallery Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)

2015 TAIPEI Art Fair (TAIPEI)

2015 BUSAN Art Show (Bexco, Busan)

2015 DAEGU Art Fair (Exco, Daegu)

2014 KIAF (Coex, Seoul)

2014 MACAO Art Fair (MACAO)

2012 MANIF (Seoul Arts Center)

2012 BIAF (Bexco, Busan)

2012 SMAS (Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul)

2011 SOAF (Coex, Seoul)

2011 Green Cake Art Fair (Shinsege Department store, Seoul)

2011 SMAS (Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul)

2010 AHAF (Japan, HongKong, Seoul)

2010 KCAF (Seoul Arts Center)

2010 BIAF (Bexco, Busan)

2009 KCAF (Seoul Arts Center)

2007 KCAF (Seoul Arts Center)

2005 KCAF (Seoul Arts Center)


2006 Best Young Artist (Seoul Art Center) 

2005 New Frontier (Danwon Art Center)

2004 Dong A Art Festival (National Museum Of Contemporory Art)

2003 Christian art Festival (Chosun Newspaper Art Museum)

2002 Na Hae Duk Art Festival (Suwon Art Museum)


<Samsung TV> Home styling Collaboration

<Be My Love> Lotte Gana Chocolate Design Collaboration

<Sara Lee> Brand Launching Marie Saint Collaboration

<Koreana Cosmetic>Pakage Design Collaboration

<Kwanpen> X <Bear brick> Design Collaboration

<Monsine> Fabric Design Collaboration

<ArtG> Pakage Design Collaboration

<Moque New York> Fabric Design Collaboration

<Rapunzel> Hair Shop Design Collaboration

<Hwa Em Orchestra> X Sara Lee Dream Concert Collaboration


2007 - Present

Seoul Digital University (Represent of Art&Design)

Hong Ik University

Daejin University

SookMyung University

Gangleung University

Hanyang University

Shin Ra University

Digital Seoul Culture & Arts University


National Museum of Contemporary Art (Art Bank)

Seoul USC Dental Clinic

Space Mom Art Museum

Moran Art Museum

Heart Heart Foundation

Laon Stay Hotel

Sook Myung University

And more


Gana Art Park

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