Kim Jihee

Seaeled smile. 2019

Seaeled smile. 2019

Sealed smile. 2018

Sealed smile. 2018

Seaeled smile. 2018

Seaeled smile. 2018

Sealed smile. 2019

Sealed smile. 2019

Sealed smile. 2018

Sealed smile. 2018

Sealed smile. 2017

Sealed smile. 2017


2003-2007 B.A in Oriental Painting from Ewha Womans University

2007-2009 M.A in Oriental Painting from Graduate School of from Ewha Womans University


Solo Exhibition

2019 Kim Jihee Invitation Exhibition "Twinkle twinkle" [Choice art company]

2016 Kim Jihee Invitation Exhibition “Floating Wonderland” [PYO Gallery]

2014 Kim Jihee Invitation Exhibition “Lucky Strike” [Mercedes-Benz auto gallery]

2013 Kim Jihee Invitation Exhibition “Virtual Camouflage” [Chungjark Gallery]

2012 SOAF Special Exhibition "MISSHA WITH KIM JIHEE"[COEX]

2011 Commemorative Exhibition for Chungjark Award- Kim Jihee Invitation Exhibition "Collection of Desire" [Chungjark Gallery]

And etc.


Group Exhibition



Universal pop art [Koo House museum]

Asia hotel art fair[Paradisel hotel Busan]



Art Asia [KINTEX]

PAF [Bastille Design Center, Paris]

Art Gwangju [Kim Daejung Convention center]

R U There? [Suwon Ipark Museum of Art]

KIAF [Coex]

Asia hotel art fair[Grand Intercontinental hotel]

Goyang International Flower Biennale [Aram Nuri Arts Center]

Hello, Frozen[겨울왕국 특설 돔]

Art Busan [BEXCO]

Geeky land ; Paradise [K Modern Art Museum]

100 Albums 100 Artists - [Lotte art hall]

Magpie and tiger [Yeulmaru Museum]



ART LAB [Pyo Gallery]

Mapo Library First Anniversary Exhibition [Mapo Library]

10th, Exhibition of Mapo Art center [Mapo Art center]

Asia Hotel Art Fair [Grand intercontinental hotel]

Jeju Art Fair[Hyatt Jeju]

Honeymoon story [Lotte Gallery]

Young Art Taipei [Taipei]

LA Art Show [LA]

Asia Contemparary Art Show [Hong Kong]

Grand Art Fair [Hong Kong]

Marco Polo Art Fair [Hong Kong]



Contemporary Korean Folk Painting [63 Art Museum]

MBC DMZ Festival [MBC Gallery]

Goyang International Flower Biennale [Oulim Museum

World Art Dubai 2016 [Dubai]

Asia Hotel Art Fair [JW Marriott Hotel]

Young Art Taipei [Taipei Sheraton]

Asia Contemporary Art Show [Hong Kong Conrad hotel]



Art Asia Art Fair [Coex]

Shanghai Art Fair [Shanghai]

Spoon Art Fair [Hongik Univ.]

Art Edition [Hongik Univ.]


Asia hotel art fair [Conrad hotel]

Living with pop [YeulmaruMuseum]

Chennai Biennale [Chennai, India]

Diary of family [Yangpyeong Art Museum]

Young Art Taipei [Sheraton hotel, Taipei]

Bling! Bling! [Art Factory Gallery]

Asia Contemporary art show [Conrad hotel, HK]



Kiaf [Coex]

SOAF [Coex]

Double – Duo Exhibition of Kim Jihee, Chalse Jang [Gallery Lina]

Singapore Bank Art fair 2014 [Pan pacific hotel Singapore]

PINK ART Exhibition [Ara Art Center]

Asia Contemporary Art Show [Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong]

Daegu Art Fair [Daegu Exco]

Gwangju International Art Fair [KDJ Convention Center]

W art Show [Lotte hotel]

Asia Hotel Art Fair [Lotte hotel]

Adore me [Gallery We]

Osaka Hotel Art Fair [Granvia Hotel, Osaka]



Seoul Art Show [SETEC]

K-Surrogates – Jihee Kim, Mari Kim, Hyerim Lee [ Art Amalgamated Gallery, New York]

Hong Kong Contemporary hotel art fair [Hong kong]


SOAF [Coex]

2013 Seoul Coffee Expo [Coex]

2013 PYO Project [Pyo Gallery South]

Gallery Biwon opening special exhibition “Beyond the face” [Gallery Biwon]



Miami ART ASIA [Miami]

Art Asia Art fair [Coex]

Seoul Contemprary Art Fair [Seoul Art Center]

Kiaf [Coex]

Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair [Chosun Hotel]

Korea Gallery Art Festival [COEX]




Help Joseph Hospital [126 Mansion]

Exhibition for Helping Children with Heart Disease and Childhood Cancer [CNB Gallery]

Korea Gallery Art Fair [COEX]

New York Red Dot Art Fair Korean Art Show [New York]

Twinkle Star of Korean Art [AKA SPACE]



Let's get together [HANCOCK ART&DESIGN CENTER, Long Beach, California]

Moving on [Baek Hae Young Gallery]

2010 Daegu Art Fair [Daegu EXCO, Daegu]

2010 Rite of Passage Relay Presentation [Suwon Museum of Art]

Cologne Art Fair 21 [Cologne Expo, Cologne]

“A selection of Artists from Southeast Asia" [A.Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York]

Cheongjark Gallery Selective Artist Exhibition-A New Leap [Chungjark Gallery]

“Seeing : 5 female artists from Korea” [Coningsby Gallery. London]

2010 Art Daegu Art Fair [BEXCO, Daegu]

Immature pop Seoul [Unofficial Preview Gallery]

Drawing Dreams [Uijeongbu Arts Center]

Happy New Year from the East [Tacoma Contemporary, Washington]



Paint! [Invited by New York Climate Gallery]

Pupil, Two Lines of Sight- Duo Exhibition of Park Dae Jo and Kim Jihee [Gallery the K]

Busan mul-art show [Busan Cultural Center]

Special Exhibition of Ilmin Museum of Art- Wonderful pictures [Ilmin Museum of Art]

Opening Exhibition of Gallery Luminaire Golden Eye Selective Artists Exhibition [Gallery Luminaire]

Modern Women and Work- Lunar's Walking Exhibition [Ewha Art Center]

Beijing Song Zhung Art Festival Korean Pavilion [Song Zhung Artistic District, China]

Fresh! Asian paintings now [Gallery Homeland, Oregon, the U.S.]

Golden Eye Special Exhibition of Selective Artists [Indian Ocean Hall, COEX]

Seoul Art Salon Art Fair [AT Center]

W.A.V.E Exhibition [Ewha Art Center]



Suwon Museum of Art Special Exhibition-Exhibition of Rite of Passage [Suwon Museum of Art]

Special Exhibition of Goyang Museum of Art-May I Smile? [Oulim Museum]

Participated in Beijing Art Project [2008.7.3~7 Beijing Left-right Artistic District]

99tents, 99dream Exhibition [Left-Right Gallery, China]

Invitation Exhibition of Korean Graduates of Fine Arts [Danwon Museum of Art]

Chaeyeon Exhibition [Ewha Art Center]




2018 Collaboration of Stonehenge <Stonehenge x Kim Jihee>

2018 Collaboration of crocs <crocs x Kim Jihee>

2017 Collaboration of ELAND <ELAND x Kim Jihee>

2017 Collaboration of Cosmetic brand LIMI, China <LIMI X Kim Jihee>

2017 Collaboration of MCM art bag <MCM x Kim Jihee>

2016 Collaboration of Seoul brand

2016 Collaboration of Dominos pizza <DOMINO X Kim Jihee>

2016 Collaboration of D park HK <D park X Kim Jihee>

2016 Collaboration of LG Household & Heart care <ChungYoonJin X Kim Jihee>

2013 Artist Collaboration with Red Cross

2013 Girl Group “Girls’ Generation” Collaboration <GG x Kim Jihee>

2012 Collaboration of Cosmetic brand MISSHA - <MISSHA with Kim Jihee>

2011 Artist Collaboration of fashion brand <General Idea>


Public Sculpture

Pyeongtaek – Virgin Heart

Yongin – Virgin Heart