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Kim Jihee


2003-2007 B.A in Oriental Painting from Ewha Womans University

2007-2009 M.A in Oriental Painting from Graduate School of from Ewha Womans University


Solo Exhibition

2019 Kim Jihee Invitation Exhibition "Twinkle twinkle" [Choice art company]

2016 Kim Jihee Invitation Exhibition “Floating Wonderland” [PYO Gallery]

2014 Kim Jihee Invitation Exhibition “Lucky Strike” [Mercedes-Benz auto gallery]

2013 Kim Jihee Invitation Exhibition “Virtual Camouflage” [Chungjark Gallery]

2012 SOAF Special Exhibition "MISSHA WITH KIM JIHEE"[COEX]

2011 Commemorative Exhibition for Chungjark Award- Kim Jihee Invitation Exhibition "Collection of Desire" [Chungjark Gallery]

And etc.


Group Exhibition



Universal pop art [Koo House museum]

Asia hotel art fair[Paradisel hotel Busan]



Art Asia [KINTEX]

PAF [Bastille Design Center, Paris]

Art Gwangju [Kim Daejung Convention center]

R U There? [Suwon Ipark Museum of Art]

KIAF [Coex]

Asia hotel art fair[Grand Intercontinental hotel]

Goyang International Flower Biennale [Aram Nuri Arts Center]

Hello, Frozen[겨울왕국 특설 돔]

Art Busan [BEXCO]

Geeky land ; Paradise [K Modern Art Museum]

100 Albums 100 Artists - [Lotte art hall]

Magpie and tiger [Yeulmaru Museum]



ART LAB [Pyo Gallery]

Mapo Library First Anniversary Exhibition [Mapo Library]

10th, Exhibition of Mapo Art center [Mapo Art center]

Asia Hotel Art Fair [Grand intercontinental hotel]

Jeju Art Fair[Hyatt Jeju]

Honeymoon story [Lotte Gallery]

Young Art Taipei [Taipei]

LA Art Show [LA]

Asia Contemparary Art Show [Hong Kong]

Grand Art Fair [Hong Kong]

Marco Polo Art Fair [Hong Kong]



Contemporary Korean Folk Painting [63 Art Museum]

MBC DMZ Festival [MBC Gallery]

Goyang International Flower Biennale [Oulim Museum

World Art Dubai 2016 [Dubai]

Asia Hotel Art Fair [JW Marriott Hotel]

Young Art Taipei [Taipei Sheraton]

Asia Contemporary Art Show [Hong Kong Conrad hotel]



Art Asia Art Fair [Coex]

Shanghai Art Fair [Shanghai]

Spoon Art Fair [Hongik Univ.]

Art Edition [Hongik Univ.]


Asia hotel art fair [Conrad hotel]

Living with pop [YeulmaruMuseum]

Chennai Biennale [Chennai, India]

Diary of family [Yangpyeong Art Museum]

Young Art Taipei [Sheraton hotel, Taipei]

Bling! Bling! [Art Factory Gallery]

Asia Contemporary art show [Conrad hotel, HK]



Kiaf [Coex]

SOAF [Coex]

Double – Duo Exhibition of Kim Jihee, Chalse Jang [Gallery Lina]

Singapore Bank Art fair 2014 [Pan pacific hotel Singapore]

PINK ART Exhibition [Ara Art Center]

Asia Contemporary Art Show [Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong]

Daegu Art Fair [Daegu Exco]

Gwangju International Art Fair [KDJ Convention Center]

W art Show [Lotte hotel]

Asia Hotel Art Fair [Lotte hotel]

Adore me [Gallery We]

Osaka Hotel Art Fair [Granvia Hotel, Osaka]



Seoul Art Show [SETEC]

K-Surrogates – Jihee Kim, Mari Kim, Hyerim Lee [ Art Amalgamated Gallery, New York]

Hong Kong Contemporary hotel art fair [Hong kong]


SOAF [Coex]

2013 Seoul Coffee Expo [Coex]

2013 PYO Project [Pyo Gallery South]

Gallery Biwon opening special exhibition “Beyond the face” [Gallery Biwon]



Miami ART ASIA [Miami]

Art Asia Art fair [Coex]

Seoul Contemprary Art Fair [Seoul Art Center]

Kiaf [Coex]

Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair [Chosun Hotel]

Korea Gallery Art Festival [COEX]




Help Joseph Hospital [126 Mansion]

Exhibition for Helping Children with Heart Disease and Childhood Cancer [CNB Gallery]

Korea Gallery Art Fair [COEX]

New York Red Dot Art Fair Korean Art Show [New York]

Twinkle Star of Korean Art [AKA SPACE]



Let's get together [HANCOCK ART&DESIGN CENTER, Long Beach, California]

Moving on [Baek Hae Young Gallery]

2010 Daegu Art Fair [Daegu EXCO, Daegu]

2010 Rite of Passage Relay Presentation [Suwon Museum of Art]

Cologne Art Fair 21 [Cologne Expo, Cologne]

“A selection of Artists from Southeast Asia" [A.Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York]

Cheongjark Gallery Selective Artist Exhibition-A New Leap [Chungjark Gallery]

“Seeing : 5 female artists from Korea” [Coningsby Gallery. London]

2010 Art Daegu Art Fair [BEXCO, Daegu]

Immature pop Seoul [Unofficial Preview Gallery]

Drawing Dreams [Uijeongbu Arts Center]

Happy New Year from the East [Tacoma Contemporary, Washington]



Paint! [Invited by New York Climate Gallery]

Pupil, Two Lines of Sight- Duo Exhibition of Park Dae Jo and Kim Jihee [Gallery the K]

Busan mul-art show [Busan Cultural Center]

Special Exhibition of Ilmin Museum of Art- Wonderful pictures [Ilmin Museum of Art]

Opening Exhibition of Gallery Luminaire Golden Eye Selective Artists Exhibition [Gallery Luminaire]

Modern Women and Work- Lunar's Walking Exhibition [Ewha Art Center]

Beijing Song Zhung Art Festival Korean Pavilion [Song Zhung Artistic District, China]

Fresh! Asian paintings now [Gallery Homeland, Oregon, the U.S.]

Golden Eye Special Exhibition of Selective Artists [Indian Ocean Hall, COEX]

Seoul Art Salon Art Fair [AT Center]

W.A.V.E Exhibition [Ewha Art Center]



Suwon Museum of Art Special Exhibition-Exhibition of Rite of Passage [Suwon Museum of Art]

Special Exhibition of Goyang Museum of Art-May I Smile? [Oulim Museum]

Participated in Beijing Art Project [2008.7.3~7 Beijing Left-right Artistic District]

99tents, 99dream Exhibition [Left-Right Gallery, China]

Invitation Exhibition of Korean Graduates of Fine Arts [Danwon Museum of Art]

Chaeyeon Exhibition [Ewha Art Center]




2018 Collaboration of Stonehenge <Stonehenge x Kim Jihee>

2018 Collaboration of crocs <crocs x Kim Jihee>

2017 Collaboration of ELAND <ELAND x Kim Jihee>

2017 Collaboration of Cosmetic brand LIMI, China <LIMI X Kim Jihee>

2017 Collaboration of MCM art bag <MCM x Kim Jihee>

2016 Collaboration of Seoul brand

2016 Collaboration of Dominos pizza <DOMINO X Kim Jihee>

2016 Collaboration of D park HK <D park X Kim Jihee>

2016 Collaboration of LG Household & Heart care <ChungYoonJin X Kim Jihee>

2013 Artist Collaboration with Red Cross

2013 Girl Group “Girls’ Generation” Collaboration <GG x Kim Jihee>

2012 Collaboration of Cosmetic brand MISSHA - <MISSHA with Kim Jihee>

2011 Artist Collaboration of fashion brand <General Idea>


Public Sculpture

Pyeongtaek – Virgin Heart

Yongin – Virgin Heart