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2018   Kookmin University Graduate School of Metal Crafts, Ph.D. Completed
2011   Graduate School of Metal Crafts, Kookmin University
2008   Mathematics for the Exchange Semester at Portzheim, Germany
2007   Graduate of the Department of Metal and Crafts at Kookmin University, College of Plastic

2020   UniverseShell, Choice Art Company, Seoul
          The 5th season of 2011 Fifth Season, Space Duru Special Exhibition, Seoul

2021   Earrings – Through the Past and the Present, Seoul Craft Museum Opening Special Exhibition, Seoul 
           Blue – Uncertain Spring, Gallery Baum 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery Baum, Paju
2020   Beyond Wearable, Yun Gee Park Gallery, Tucson, USA
           100 Brochures_Korea's Modern Long-Term Chronicles, Suae 33o 339, Seoul
2019   HAN MADE, NYC Jewelry Week, New York, USA
          Sarangbang, Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h, Montreal, Canada
          The Color Exhibition, Platina, Stockholm Sweden
          A Contemporary Jewellery Odyssey, Itami Craft Museum, Itami Japan
          21 gram, Galerie Handwerk, Munich Germany
2018   21 gram - Hangzhou International Craft Triennial Exhibition, Crafts Museum of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China
          Saga Bowel, Lee Yoojin Gallery, Seoul
          A Commemorative Jewellery Odyssey, Unexpected Combination, Seoul
          炙- International Contemporary Enamel Exhibition, , Taiwan, Taipei
          A Contemporary Jewellery Odyssey, Munich Jewelry Week, French Cultural Center, Munich, Germany
          My Munich, Galerie Biré, Munich Handicraft Fair, Munich, Germany
          Schmuck, Munich Handicraft Fair Special Exhibition, Munich, Germany
2017    Pérégrines Autour Du Bijoux Contemporary, Bettina Galerie, Paris, France
          Garbage × User Manual, National Folk Museum of Korea Special Exhibition, Seoul
          It’s a Pleasure to Meet You! A New Look at East Asian Art and Crafts, Gallery Baum, Heyri


2014   Finalists, AJF Artist Award, Art Jewelry Forum, United States
         The 14th Iksan Korean Crafts Festival, Korea Crafts and Culture Association
2011   Main Award, MARZEE GRADUATE PRIZE 2011, Galerie Marzee, NAMEHEN, Netherlands
2011   Best Award, PREZIOSA YOUNG 2011, Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School & Academy, Florence, Italy
2010   Best 10, New Traditional Jewellery-TRUE COLORS, EMB&B, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Universal + Shell

  UniverShell is a combination of Universal and Shell. A structure of the electroformed shell has a dual meaning of protection and camouflage. It is combined with a concept of universal phenomena such as the growth of pearl, coral, and tree rings, thereby UniverShell is an aggregation of piled metal layers, the time it takes, and poetic imagination.

  The growth that occurs in nature is a process in which invisible things are piled up to make it hard and strong. My work captures the process of how pearls and corals form in the blue ocean.

  Electroforming, a modern technique designed to replicate or protect the surface of metals like plating, performs the process of pearl formation made up of accumulated particles. Electrolyzed metal particles in a blue sulfuric acid solution repeatedly accumulate, thereby form a new shell. Running on electricity but very analogue, electroforming requires time and craftsmanship as if taking care of life.

  I soak each new life born in my hands in a solution and take care of them carefully until their layer is fully grown and becomes a solid shell. The layer is no longer used for plating or duplicating something else but turns into a concrete form that breathes by itself. The rich and mysterious layers of color, which make it more solid, not only please our visual and tactile sensation but also make it exuberant.

 A small world created by electrolytic particles is built up little by little in blue water in a small tank. As if lifting a precious pearl out of the ocean, I lift up my little world and draw beautiful fruition that will be formed slowly and strongly somewhere in a deep sea, somewhere in a deep forest.

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