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1994  M.F.A Graduate School, Seoul National University
1992  B.F.A. Seoul National University


2017  Flower book table, Noblessecollection, Seoul, Korea
           Enjoy watching books and things, Naracsil gallery, Seoul, Korea
           Lee, Ji-sook solo exhibition, Gallery H, Seoul, Korea
           Lee, Ji-sook solo exhibition, KIM BO SUNG ART CENTER, Seoul

           Still-life, KSD Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016  Lee, Ji-sook solo exhibition, YTN Artsqure, Seoul, Korea
2015  Lee, Ji-sook solo exhibition : Wealth and Glory-For the extraordinary in the ordinary  life,  

           Youngeun museum, Kwangju(Kyunggi-do), Korea
2014  Lee, Ji-sook solo exhibition : A room with books, Bijuart Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013  A room with books, Umoha Gallery, Yongin, Korea
2011  The meaning of things : Life Existence, Fascinatin- Lee, Ji-sook's Dreaming Chaekgado,

          Gallery Yedam Contemporary, Seoul

2010  From the old things, Gallery Yesarang, Anyang, Korea


2017  Craft Climax, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea    
           Motor-Ask about contemporary art, Lotte Gallery, Daegu, Korea
           GICB2017 commemoration: Tribute to the life, Yeoju World Ceramic Livingware Gallery, 
Yeoju, Korea

           new contacts- A new arrival, Youngen museum, Kwangju(Kyunggi-do), Korea

           The four seasons garden, AK Gallery, Suwon, Korea
2016  A beautiful moment's eternal ambition, 63 Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
           [A ten-yearly exhibition I] Architectural pottery- Earth, Clayarch Gimhae Museum,

           Gimhae, Korea
2015  The Promenade: Healing in Nature, Icheon World Ceramic Center, Icheon, Korea
           The beauty of Korean culture and Minhwa, Goyang Aram Nuri Aram Art Museum,

           Goyang, Korea
2014  Craft Platform, Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea

2012  Artist's book, Gwangju Shinsegae gallery, Gwangju, Korea

           The 19 Exhibition of Incorporated Korean Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association, Icheon

           Cerapia, Icheon, Korea

           A painting by ceramics, Tong-in gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011  Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju Culture Industry Complex, Choengju, Korea

           Gyeonggi International CeraMIX Biennale 2011, Icheon Cerapia, Ichoen, Korea

           Analog sensibility, Gallery H, Seoul, Korea

           Exhibition "For The Images of Ceramic Arts", Seoul Forest Park, Seoul, Korea

           Gallery Yeon Opening Exhibition-"Meet a variety of materials", Gallery Yeon, Seoul, Korea

           A.M.P-Watch out 2011 Youngeun space project, Gwangju institute of Culture, Gwangju, Korea

           The 18 Exhibition of Incorporated Korean Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association, Seoul Arts Center            Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea



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