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Han Man Young


Graduated from Hongik University's College of Fine art

Graduated from the Graduate School of Education, Konkuk University


Solo exhibition

2005 Gana Art Center, [Seoul]

2004 M Gallery, [Daegu]

2003 Pikhwa Rang, [Seoul]

2002 Korea International Art Fair-No Hwa-rang, BEXCO, [Busan]

2001 Noh Hwa-rang, Open Studio, [Seoul]

1999 Garam-Hwa-Rang, Seoul / No hwa-Rang, [Seoul]

1996 Park Young-duk Gallery, [Seoul]

1994 Gallery Upper Gate Hall / Gallery Nine, [Seoul]

1992 Dusson Gallery / Gallery Upper Gate, [Seoul]

1990 Gallery Seomi, [Seoul]

1987 Hyundai-Kyung Hwa Rang, [Seoul]

1984 Dongsan Fireworks, [Seoul]

1981 Grorich, [Seoul]

1979 Korean Painting, [Seoul]

Group exhibition

2004 San Francisco Art Fair [Sen Francisco, USA]

          Exhibition of Modern Art [Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul]           

2003 Environmental Art Exhibition--Water [Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul]

          Korea International Art Fair [Trade Center, Seoul]

2002 South American Tournament [Equador, Peru, Argentina, Mexico]

          Melbourne Art Fair [Melborn, Australia]

2001 Korean Contemporary Games Tours Southeast Asia [Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh]

          Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

          Face 1 [POSCO Gallery, Seoul]

          Part 2 of the Opening Ceremony of the Museum of Modern Art-The Grand Exhibition Museum,                Daejeon

1999 Korean Contemporary Art-Sound of Nature [Five Canadian Cities Turnaround]

          Art Gallery Artside Net, Seoul, Gallery Artsidenet

1998 Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition [eight European countries]-Beljium, Czech Republic, Bulgaria,              Italy,

          Switzerland Austria, Poland, England

1997 Proposal from the East [Solerick Music, Spanish Palma]

1996 Asian Art Exhibition [Metropolis Music, Philippines]

          Contemporary Writers' Exhibition [Arario Gallery, Cheonan] 

          20th Century Character History [Yellow Flower, Seoul]

1995 Gan New International Painting Festival [Kan New, France] Gwangju Biennale-Today of Korean Art

          Pacific. Pacific2 [Rasca Gallery, Los Angeles]

          Korean Art '95 Quality, Quantity and Sentiment [National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul]

1994 The Face of 40 Years of Contemporary Art [Hoam Gallery, Seoul]

1993 Today and Tomorrow, its status and cross-sectional exhibition [Kwanhun Art Museum, Seoul]

1992 Creative and Quote [Trade Centa Hyundai Motor Gallery, Seoul]

          Silk Road Art Exhibition [Donga City Museum, Bupyeong, Samter, Yuna Gallery, Seoul]

1991 Hanwon Gallery Opening Ceremony Exhibition Part 3 [Hanwon Gallery, Seoul]

          Korean Contemporary Competition Exhibition [Ugoslavia]

1990 Korean Art Today's Situation [Art Hall, Seoul]

Museum's collection

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Hongik University Museum, Jeju Sculpture Park Shincheon Museum, Total Museum of Art, Samsung Museum of Art Sunjae Museum, Seoul Museum of Art, Youngeun Museum, Ewha Women's University Museum, Daejeon City Museum, Busan Museum of Art


Public place

Ramadanese Hotel, InterContinental Hotel, Dong-A Life Insurance Building, Miranda Hotel, Seogyo Hotel, Capitol, Posco Building, the Korean Mission to the United Nations, the Korean Embassy in Argentina, Hyatt Hotel in Jeju, Serbian Embassy in Serbia, the Korean Embassy in Russia and the Korean Chamber of Commerce in Russia.