Doctor of Honorary Arts at Pratt University, U.S.

Studied at Munich University, Germany

Bachelor of Arts History, Tokyo University, Japan


Solo exhibition


2004  Nam June Paik, National Gallery of Australia
           Paik Nam-june: Nam June Paik, Berlin Deutsche Guggenheim

2002  Electronic juggler Paik Nam-june, Start of Video Art, Turin Palazzo 
           Transmission, Rockefeller Square, New York
           Nam June Paik, Fluxus und Video Skulptur, Duisburg Wilhelm-Lehmbruck Museum

           The Worlds of Nam June Paik, New York Guggenheim Museum, Spain/Korea

1999  Paik Nam-june Fluxus/Video, Bremen Kunsthalé

           Paik Nam June. Video Sculptures <Triangle II> and Paper Works (Nam June Paik). Videoskulptur Triangle II und               Arbeiten auf Paper)>, Kunsthalle Bremen

1997  Paik Nam-June. Rare Paintings, Photographs, Video Sculptures (Nam June Paik). Seltene Grafiken, Fotocollagen             und Videoskuptur Pen, Berlin

           Nam June Paik, New York Goethe Institute

1996  Paik Nam-june: Video Sculptures, Electronic Undercurrents, and Stats Museum forKunst

           Paik Nam-june's Documentation of Nam June Paik, Fukuoka Hakata Canal City

1995  Paik Nam-june: High Tech Allergy, Wolfsburg Kunstmuseum

           Paik Nam-june "95: Art and Communications," Gallery Hyundai, Park Young-duk and Chosun Ilbo Museum of               Art in Seoul.

           Nam June Paik, Finland

           Paik Nam-june: Nam June Paik, Münster-Saint Moritz

1994  Paik Nam-june: The latest works (Nam June Paik: Recent Works), Paris Albert Benamou-Philip e Gravier

           The Electronic Super Highway, Travels with Nam June Pike, Tours to the U.S.

           Nam June Paik, Fukuoka Art Museum

           Paik Nam-june: Nam June Paik (Lo Sciamano del Video), Milano

1993  Paik Nam-june (Nam June Paik Recent Works), Tokyo Watarium

           Nam June Paik, Hamburg Vizer Raum

           Jardin Illumine, Zurich Houser & Worth

1992  Ile Novecento di Nam June Paik, Roman Palazzo del Esposióni

           Paik Nam-june: Photographs, Holly Solomon Gallery, New York

           Paik Nam-june: The latest work '88-'92 (Nam June Paik: Recent Works '88-'92), Gallery Hyundai in Seoul

           Paik Nam-june Retrospective: Nam June Paik (Video Space and Video Time), Gwacheon National Museum of               Modern and Contemporary Art

           Paik Nam-june: Nam June Paik, Dusseldorf Gallery Hans Meyer

1991  Paik Nam-june Neon TV / Video Objekte, Frankfurt Gallery Rupke

           Baek Nam Joon. Video Wall / Video Chandelier (Nam June Paik). Video Wall / Videochandeliers, Hamburg                     Vizer   Raum

1991  Paik Nam-june: Nam June Paik, Video Sculpture, London Mayer Gallery

           With Wolf's Footage: A Pas de Lou: de Seoul à Budapest, Gallery One, Gallery Hyundai

1990  Paik Nam-june: Nam June Paik, Dusseldorf Gallery Hans Meyer

          "A Pas de Seoul <Right for Joseph Beuys>"

           Paik Nam-june: Nam June Paik, Geneva Gallery Marika Maracoda

1989  Paik Nam-june: Nam June Paik (Recent Paintings and Sculpture), Halli Solomon Gallery, New York

           Nam June Paik, San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art

           Paik Nam-june: Nam June Paik (The Family of Robot), Fukuoka Art Museum

           Nam June Paik, Hamburg Gallery Bayes Haus

           La Fée électronique, City Museum of Contemporary Art, Paris

           Nam June Paik, Bilbao Museo de Bellas Arts de Bilbao

           One second (Eine Kerze / One Candle), Frankfurt Portikus

1988  Paik Nam-joon: Nam June Paik (V-Idea), London Nigel Greenwood Gallery

           Nam June Paik. Painting, Paris FIAC

           Paik Nam June. Video Works 1963-88 (Nam June Paik) Video Works 1963-88), Hayward Gallery, London

1987  Bai-Bye Kipling Drawings, Tokyo Watari Gallery

1986  Paik Nam-june, Bye Bye Kipling, Tokyo Watari Gallery

1986  Paik Nam-june. Sculpture, Painting, Laser Photography (Nam June Paik). Sculpture, Painting and Laser-                           Photography, New York Holly Solomon Gallery

           Family of Robots, Cincinnati Carl Solway Gallery

1984  Paik Nam-june - Nam June Paik - Art for 25 Million People, Berlin Dade Gallery

           The Color of Time. Video Sculptures by Nam June Paik, New York Rose Art Museum

           Paik Nam-june: Nam June Paik and Beyond, Boston ICA

           Paik Nam-june - Nam June Paik (Mostly Video), Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

           Good Morning Mr. Orwell, live on the WNET and FR3 channels in New York and around the world.

1983  Video Flag, Cincinnati Carl Solway Gallery

1982  Paik Nam-june, Tricholor Video, Paris Pompidou Center

           Retrospective: Nam June Paik, New York Whitney Museum of Art

1981  Random Access / Paper TV, Tokyo Watari Gallery

1980  Vidia Iro: Paper TV and Tropical Fish, Tokyo Watari Gallery

1978  Retrospective Exhibition: Nam June Paik, Museum of Modern Art, Paris

           Paik Nam-june. Nam June Paik. Jardin - Videos, Centre for Pompidou, Paris

1977  Project: Nam June Paik, Museum of Modern Art, New York

           Paik Nam June. OVERVIEW 1946-1976 (Nam June Paik) Overzicht 1946-1976), Amsterdam City Museum

           Paik Nam-june: TV, Drawing, Painting, Object (Nam June Paik: TV, Dessins, Tableux, Objets), Geneva Gallery                 Marika Maracorda (Galerie Marika Malacorda)

1976  Paik Nam-june: Works 1946-1976: Music-Pluxus-Video (Nam June Paik: Musik-Fluuxus-Video), Cologne                         Kunstfeline

           Fish Flies on Sky, New York's Bonino Gallery

           Moon is the oldest TV, Renee Block Gallery, New York

1975  Flying Fish - Fish on the Sky - Fish Hardly Flies More on the Sky - Let Fish Fly Again, Martha Jackson Gallery,                   New  York

1975  Nam June Paik, Renee Block Gallery, New York

1974  Paik Nam-june: Videa n Videology 1959-1973 (Nam June Paik: 1959-1973), Everson Museum of Art, New York

1968  Nam June Paik, New York State University's Stony Brook Art Gallery (SUNY Stony Brook, Art Gallery)

1964  Nam June Paik: Composition, Tokyo Sogechu Art Center

1963  first private exhibition, "Exposition of Music" and "Electronic Television," and "Galerie Parnass"


2006  American Time Magazine Hero of Asia

2000  Order of the Order of the Golden Crown of Korea

1999  Art News of the United States named 25 Most Influential Writers of the 20th Century

1999  Kyoto Fright of Japan

           American Miami Artist Award

1998  Goethe Medal

           Kyoto Prize in Japan

1996  German Focus of the Year's Top 100 Artists

           1st Monthly Art Awards

           5th Hoam Prize in Arts

1995  Japan Fukuoka Asian Culture Award

1993  45th Venice Biennale Golden Lion Award