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그들만의 공원

그들만의 공원

130X130cm_acrylic on canvas_2020

wonderland 05

wonderland 05

72.7X72.7cm_acrylic on canvas_2021

the midday

the midday

72.7X72.7cm_acrylic on canvas_2020

Beautiful day 02

Beautiful day 02

33.4X53cm_acrylic on canvas_2020

big night 07

big night 07

72.7X72.7cm_acrylic on canvas_2021


2012      M.F.A, Kyung Hee University Seoul

2008      B.F.A, Kyung Hee University, Seoul


2020      Big Night_H Contemporary Gallery. Gyeonggi-do, Korea

                   viewpoint_gallery iLHO. Seoul, Korea

2019       like a parrot_tom&toms black Itaewon. Seoul, Korea

2017       happy island_alternative space noon. Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2016       the parrot ritual_topohaus gallery. Seoul, Korea


2021        2021 young artist_gallery doo. Seoul, Korea

                    GS E&C gallery sinus 2nd anniversary Exhibition_gallery sinus. Seoul, Korea

2020        百分率_KUMA. Seoul, Korea 2020 Breeze artfair_ANDO. Seoul, Korea

                     KAUP_Dongduk Art Gallery. Seoul, Korea

                     asyaaf hidden artist_hongik museum of art. Seoul, Korea

                     GS E&C gallery sinus Exhibition_gallery sinus. Seoul, Korea

                     Find Art Find Me_gallery suppoment. Seoul, Korea

2019         BIAF_Bexco. Busan, Korea

                     Breeze artfair_nodeul island. Seoul, Korea


Jin Young tells a story about people in her works. She has a lot of interest and curiosity about people and their point of views. Especially when there is a lot of information pouring out from SNS and various medias nowadays, she thought of a parrot in the image of people imitating others and being swept away by the crowd's words or actions. So humans with parrot heads became the main characters in the her works. In the works, they're all doing something. They take a walk, chat, and enjoy picnics or sports. There is an atmosphere of a meeting like a religious ceremony, and you can see them wandering in the forest. All of this is what we look like in our daily lives. Jinyoung critically talks about how parrots have the habit of copying, while also showing positive aspects of living together by empathizing with each other, and forming a community of society. 


Artist's Note
My work expressed the 'repeating and imitating' tendency of people in mondern society through 'a figure with a parrot head'. Modern people, whether conscious or not, live by taking the role to be recognized by other people in the world. Like a theatrical actor on stage. The parrots in the work symbolically show that modern people mimic, think, and act as others do in the flood of information delivered to the media. Everyone wants to escape from the old form of imitation and copying, but it is difficult to cross the boundary with anxiety, away from the complacency of reality. In urban life, nature exists around us as a limited area of parks. In a city composed of apartments, parks are a place for mental and physical relaxation. Time in the park is like a comfort in the middle of a tiring daily life, but on the other hand, it also comes as a finite space that cannot be escaped. Paradoxically, humans feel happy in limiting their range of activities. The wider the range, the more stressing we may be because there are more worries, anxiety, and desires. We are always at a crossroads of choice, whether to settle down or break down the boundaries of reality like our own island. In a way, the other side of anxiety is not stability, but awakening, and the essence is self-viewing as it is. The parrot people who prepare for the morning joy and visit their own treasures as if they were traveling resemble us. Life is repetition. It is humor that only humans have that can bear between unstable reality and ideals in life that is repeated every day. Humor leads us to awakening and depth, and is a source of happiness by excluding unnecessary things in life and simplifying them into everyday pleasures. Life is like a journey. Where are we going now? When and when will it be the life you want? The criteria are left to us individually.

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