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2015   D.A. Course in ceramic Arts, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
1996   M.A . in Ceramics Design, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
1993   B.F.A. in Ceramics Art, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

2020   Urban Jungle no.2020, Choice Art Company, Seoul
2019   Artificial Forest, Gallery Meme, Seoul
2018   One & Only, Gallery O, Seoul
2017   MAking It!, Gallery O, Seoul
2015   Used, Gallery O, Seoul
2014   The Extension of Ceramic Use, Ehwa Art Center, Seoul
2013   Creative Balance 1through Ceramics, Gallery 3, Seoul
2011   The Re-Creation, Insa Art Center, Seoul
2010   Urban Junge, Gallery EM, Seoul
2006   Picture Diary-2, Chungmu Art Hall, Seoul
          Picture Diary-1, Gallery DOS, Seoul
2005   Illustrating With Vessels, Chungmu Art Hall, Seoul
2000   Color & Ceramic, Gana Art Space, Seoul

2019   Talk About Clayarch, Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae
2018   Pottery: Search for the Novelty, Yeongam Pottery Museum, Korea
2017   Story-telling About Life, Thematic Exhibition in Icheon GICB2017, Korea
          Korea Craft, The Korea Cultural Center in China
          Korea Craft, The Korea Cultural Center in Spain
2016   G-Ceramic Lifefair, SETEC, Seoul
2015   ArctiClay 6 Symposium Exhibition: Pentik, Posio, Helsinki
2013   The Land of the Morning Calm, l'Atelier, Paris

2015   World Ceramic Biennale International Contest: Winner
2014   Industrial Artists Association Contest: Silver Prize, KEPCO Gallery
2010   Macef Design Award Massimo Martini 2010, Honorable  Mention, Milan
2005   The 3rd Ceramic Biennale 2005 Korea-International Competition- Silver Prize, Seoul
2002   Contemporary Ceramic Art Contest: Seoul Newspaper Gallery

Artist's Note

  I think the role of art is to re-examine ordinary daily life. We sometimes find clues to understand the world while looking deeply at trivial objects and the sounds. Ordinary people living a busy life cannot afford to oberve them and I think it's the artists who takes over the role. Rhee In Sook's work is a genre called 'still life painting' that embodies objects such as flowers, flower pots or vases, and bottles. Rather than aiming for the original genre, it is a metaphor of still life painting to aim for the silence and stillness of the objects and absorb their emotions. Objects of everyday life are re-examined by the formative experiment of horizontal arrangement that breaks away from the stable structure of the triangle and the solid hand techniques of the artist. The still life on canvas conveys psychological comfort. The still life paintings of Rhee In Sook, expressed in her own formative language seem to have a solid inner self. She studied in the USA from high school to college and her works are loved by a lot of people with the way how her works leave a quiet afterimage and the attention that catches the eyes of the people.

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