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betweenred-135, 2011, Oil on canvas, ​200x200cm

Between Blue

Between Blue

60cm x 60cm, Oil on Linen, 2017

B.A. in Western Painting, Hongik University
M.A., Painting, Hongik University, Graduate School of Fine Arts
M.A. Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, London

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2021   Any Point, Arts District P, Busan, Korea
2019   Boundaries, Lotte Gallery Gwangju, Gwangju, Korea
           Between Red, Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway
           Red Sansu, Gallery Bundo, Daegu, Korea
           Red Sansu, Gyodong Museum of Art, Jeonju, South Korea
2018   Red Sansu, The Moments, Shinsegae Gallery Centum City, Busan, Korea
2015   Red, Dream, Mimesis Art Museum, Gyeonggi, South Korea
2014   Between Red, Boujets IC Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2012   Plastic Garden, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011   Between Red, Nicholas Robinson Gallery, New York, USA


Lorraine Barrick Collection (Seattle), Microsoft Art Collection (USA), Berger Collection (Zurich), Bank of America (USA), All Visual Arts (London), Ulysses S. Grant Collection (Zurich), James Lee Collection (Beijing), Caralietroi Collection (London), Fidelity Investments (Boston), Hana Bank, Samsung Museum of Art Rium, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Gwacheon), Minsheng Museum of Contemporary Art (Shanghai) Total Art Museum, Hao Art Museum (Shanghai)


The Red Arithmetic series was introduced to the British art market in 2006 at his graduation exhibition while studying at the Chelsea College of Art in London, where it was warmly received. The following year, in 2007, the series was introduced to the domestic art market, and since then, it has been praised by galleries and art lovers around the world. In particular, Uli Sigg, a "supercollector" of Asian art, who owns many of Lee's works, introduced him to the global art market as a representative Korean artist.

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