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2021 1st  CAAF 

Choice Annual Art Festival 



Starfield Goyang Co-Art Festival

Aug 6th (Fri) ~ Aug 15th (Sun)

Choice Art Company has prepared, with Shinsegae Property and Starfield, 2021 CAAF (Choice Annual Art Festival) 1st edition Co-Art Festival Exhibition.


This exhibition talks about the ‘coexistence’ in multiple relationships between Millennial star artists, artists and visitors, environment and humans, etc. In particular, we prepared a communication space where Millennial artists are presented to the public, to show young and new art works to locals and visitors.

CAAF sponsors the activity of artists who were daunted by the Covid-19, and invited diverse artists to this exhibition for the purpose of constituting a platform for building the background of future growth.


Moreover, POSCO, who is sponsoring young artists and Mullae-dong small manufacturer as part of its effort in contributing to society, is also exhibiting sponsored artists in solidarity with CAAF. In addition, while Davinci Communication and Jeju Bunker of Light also brought their help to this exhibition, Hong-ik University and Chung-Ang University College of Arts cooperated to discover Millennial artists.


We hope this exhibition will be the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of true ‘coexistence’ and be a restful ART VACATION for your tired bodies and minds with the prolonged Covid-19 and the summer heat.


Exhibition and works inquiry

+82 (0)2 501 2486

Host and organizer              Sponsor                               Partner organization             

Shinsegae Property              POSCO                                 Hong-ik University, Industry-Academy Collaboration

Starfield                                The Sharp                            Chung-Ang University, College of Arts

Choice Art Company            Davinci Communication

                                              Bunker de Lumières Jeju

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