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Middle of life in Jeju

Middle of life in Jeju

Middle of life in Jeju

Middle of life in Jeju

Middle of life in Jeju

Middle of life in Jeju


Graduated from Chung-Ang University, Department of Painting

Graduated from Konkuk University Graduate School of Education


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021  Gana Art Nine One, Gana Art Sounds, Seoul, Korea

2008 Gallery Hyundai Gangnam, Seoul

2006 Gallery Bijutsu-Sekai, Tokyo Gallery H, Seoul

2005 Gallery Hyundai, Seoul

2002 Montserrat Gallery, New York

2001  Chosun Ilbo Art Museum, Seoul

2000 Gana Art Center, Seoul



Awards and Residencies

2019  Gyeongju Solger Museum of Art, Gyeongju

2018  Soam Memorial Museum, Jeju

2013  Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju



National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Gwacheon), Osullok Museum (Jeju), Icheon City Woljeon Museum (Icheon), Icheon, etc.

About the artist

Lee Wal chong captures the landscape of Jeju Island and the joys and sorrows of life in his paintings. He is one of South Korea's leading artists, having been awarded the Minister of Culture and Public Affairs Award (1974), the Korean Artists Award (1991), and the Woljeon Art Prize (2001). The artist has been working in Seogwipo, Jeju Island for decades, continuing his series. The word "middle way" in Lee's title refers to the middle way in Buddhist thought, which means a life that sees nature and humans as one and does not attach to either. Through the name of the work, the artist is referring to the world she ultimately wants to reach, and wants to include it in her work. In her new works released in 2021, the artist has a common poetic phrase, "It can be. That's life," a poetic sentence that suggests that people who are feeling frustrated and depressed due to the prolonged social distancing should not be hard on themselves, but should accept life as it is and find time to overcome this situation wisely. He hopes to convey the spirit of Jeju Island and its unique optimistic humor in his artwork to bring comfort to many people.

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