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2022, Oil, Stonepowder on canvas, 100×100cm



2023, Oil, Stonepowder on canvas, 90.9×72.7cm



2018, Oil on canvas, 160x80cm



160x80cm, Oil on canvas



2022, Oil, Stonpowder on canvas, 90.9x72.7

2022, Oil, Stonpowder on canvas, 90.9x72.7

Western Painting Department of Daegu Arts University
Art Education Graduate School of Catholic University of Daegu

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022   An Kwang sik: You, Flower, gallery yeooul, Daegu

2019   Nowhere Art Center, Seoul

2018   Mian Gallery, Gimhae

2017   Sunhwa Gallery, Seoul

             OCI Gallery, Andong

2016   Ain Gallery, Busan

            Hyundai Art Center, Bundang

            Space Namu, Yangsan

2015   Handubyeon 1,2 Gallery, Ganghwado

2014   Haewoon Art Gallery, Busan

            Daebak Plaza VIP, Daegu

2013   Art G&G, Daegu

2012   Clubmow, Seoul

2010   Millennium Hilton Seoul

            GALLERY LAMER, Seoul

            Sejong Gallery, Seoul


2002    Young Artist Award, Korea Youth Biennale



National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art-Art Bank, Hannam The Hill Community Center, Daily Economic Times, IBK, Daegu University of the Arts, Kyemyung University Dongsan Hospital, Samsung Youngdeok Training Center, and more.

Artist Ahn Kwang-sik bases his work on Eastern sentiments, aiming to develop and enhance Korean imagery through white color, moon jars, and wildflowers. He seeks to naturally depict memories and reminiscences through space and emptiness. To express profound sentiment, he applies layers of thin Hanji paper, repeating the process of applying and scraping off layers about ten times. After completing this foundational work, he erases everything using a specially made stone powder solution, reminiscent of recalling memories. Then, he repeats the process of refining memories one by one through the dripping technique.


Artist's Note

I standing in the nature, never step up to it. I watch it from a distance and graze it by to be left as only light. "Sways. Suddenly. And grazes by." I search around for the border line and identification of my life and make a frame. I left the memory of the nature that the light produced on the screen. He remaining color faded to be near to achromatic color. It might be the color of Memory. It then is erased white. It may be the color I shall represent in the future. I do not also draw an object while seeing it. Depending only on the memory, I draw it as if singing. No problem if it is not so good. It is enough just to release the memory as if writing diary.

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