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Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts at Pratt University in the United States
Mathematics at the University of Munich, Germany
Bachelor of Arts History, University of Tokyo, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2004   Nam June Paik, National Gallery of Australia, Paik Nam June: Global Groove, Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin
2002   Electronic Juggler Paik Nam June, The Beginning of Video Art, by Turin Palazzo Cavour
            Transmission, Rockefeller Square, New York
            Nam June Paik, Fluxus und Video Skulptur, Wilhelm-Lehmbruck Museum in Duisburg
2000   The Worlds of Nam June Paik, Guggenheim Museum, New York, Spain/Korea Tour
1999    Nam June Paik (Nam June Paik: Fluxus/Video), Bremen Kunsthalle Bremen
            Nam June Paik. Videoskulptur <Triangle II> und Arbeiten auf Papier, Bremen Kunsthalle
1997     Nam June Paik, Goethe Institute, New York
1996    Nam June Paik: Video Sculptures, Electronic Undercurrents, State Museum for Kunst
            Documentation of Nam June Paik, Fukuoka City Hakata

2006   Asian Heroes by Time magazine
2000   Korean Order of Geumgwan Culture
1999    Art News Selected 25 Most Influential Writers of the 20th Century
            Kyoto, Japan, Republic of Korea
            Miami Artist Award
1998   Goethe Medal
            Kyoto Prize, Japan

  Paik Nam June was born in Seoul in 1932, attended middle school in Seoul and Hong Kong, went to Tokyo University to major in aesthetics, and went to Germany in 1956 to actively interact with contemporary artists while studying European philosophy and contemporary music. From this time on, he began to seek a new way of art using media, and in 1963, he began to explore the path of media artists by throwing an exhibition called "Exhibition of Music - Electronic Television," which was expressed as a work of art by modulating the internal circuit of television. When Paik moved to the U.S. in 1964, he began his work using videos in a wider scale. He developed a video synthesizer that combines sculptures, installations, and as well as video images, and built Paik's own unique art world with constant exploration of music and body. Paik is an artist who worked experimentally and creatively using various technologies as a pioneer of media art.

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