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Min Byeong Heon



젤라틴실버프린트, 46x40 cm, 2005(작품년도), 2006(프린트년도)

Solo Exhibition

2015 Gallery Planet, Seoul

2014 Mimesis Art Meseum, Paju

2013 Ryuhwarang, Seoul

The Museum of Photography, Seoul

2012 Gallery Jireh, Paju

2011 The Museum of Photography, Seoul

          CAIS Gallery, Seoul

2009 LEE HWAIK Gallery, Seoul

2008 CAIS GALLERY, Seoul



Selected Group Exhibition

2015 Grimson Gallery & Gangneung museum of art, Gangneung

2014 SPSI Art Museum, Shanghai Korean Center, Shanghai

          National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

          TRUNK Gallery, Seoul

2013 Seoul Art Center, Seoul

          Songwon Art Center, Seoul

          Interalia Art Company, Seoul

2012 Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara

2011 Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center, Goyang

2010 <21 & Their Times>, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

          Somerset House, London

          Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara

2009 <2009 Exhibition Odysseus>, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

          S.F MOMA, San Francisco

          Museum of Fine Art, Houston

2008 Seoul Art Center, Seoul

         Dakar Biennale, Dakar

2007gallery KONG, Seoul

          Nam Seoul Annex building of the Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

         LEEHWIK Gallery, Seoul

2006gallery KONG, Seoul

         SokaContemporary space, Beijing

2005Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

         Hyun-joo Kim Gallery, Seoul

         Galerie Lumen, Paris

         Seoul Art Center, Seoul

         <2004 Photogaphers>, Recent Works’,White Wall Gallery, Seoul

2004 White Wall Gallery, Seoul

         Schneider Museum of Art, Oregon

         Sunggok Art Museum, Seoul

2003National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwachon

         The Contemporary Museum, Hawaii

         Gana Art Center, Seoul

         Yoo Art Space, Seoul


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