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Kookmin University, M.F.A, Fine Art
Dankook University, B.F.A, Painting

2019   Sequence of softness, Crafts on the hill gallery, Seoul
2015   Invisible Time, JJ Gallery, Seoul. Korea
2013   Inner Fragment Series, JJ Gallery, Seoul. Korea

2020   Hangang Museum Group Exhibition, Hangang Museum
2019   Art GYEONGGI 2019, National Cancer Center, Ilsan
         Art 369, Yongsan Crafts Museum, Seoul
         I Have A Dream, Gallery BANK, Seoul
         Unfamiliar Familiarity, Sophis Gallery, Seoul
2018   Keep moving and collect art, Sophis Gallery, Seoul
         Beautiful Winter, Lotte Gallery, Daejeon
2017   Café Society, Seoul Museum, Seoul
         Between, Sophis Gallery, Seoul
2016   The Way That Keeps the Winter, Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon
         BLOOMY ART FAIR 2016, Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon
2016   This Is Not the Mother Goose, 4LOG art space, Seoul
         DDP Project, DDP, Seoul
         Story-G, Gallery Huue, Singapore
         VIP Open, Gallery Huue, Singapore


 Jin Hee Park creates works using threads and lego blocks on a wooden frame, paying attention to the materiality in common. The knotted thread seems to be woven tightly, but they are fragile and soft, so they can be easily unravelled by external stimulation. The legos, on the other hand, is a toy that children play with, and although it looks tiny and weak, it actually has a very hard and strong materiality. Through this relationship of materiality, the artist symbolically expresses the image of people living with a collective nature that is connected to each other in modern society. Between those relationships that seem tightly entangled, everyone has a “crack”, and if you look closely, you can see the scars and feelings that weren't easy to be seen from a distance.

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