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Keimyung University College of Fine Arts,

Western Painting and the Graduate School of Art

2018  Samcheong Print Bakery, Seoul
2017  Jain Geno Gallery, Samcheong Print Bakery, Seoul
2016  Relationship Aesthetics, Seoul Space Tree

           Gallery H Chojeon, Seoul
2014  Invitation Exhibition, E-Junng Gallery

           Ocean Gallery Invitation Exhibition, Busan
2013  ARTG&G Planned Invitation Exhibition, Daegu Bank Headquarters Gallery
2012  Jung Gu-chan Gallery Invitation Contest
2011  Seonhwarang Invitation Contest, Jung Gu-chan Gallery Invitation Contest
2010 Sejong Gallery Elementary Exhibition, ArtG&G Elementary Exhibition, Gallery Tongyeong Elementary Exhibition
2009  Art & Company Invitation Exhibition, Shinhan PB Center
2007  Kim Dae-seop's Art Exhibition, Daebaek Plaza Gallery, Daegu
           Kyunghyang Shinmun Special Invitation Contest, Gyeonghyang Gallery, Seoul
2005  Gageum Art Research Association Selected Writers' Individual Invitation Exhibition, Daebaek Gallery, Daegu

Korea Art Exhibition (Critic)
Korea Watercolor War (Grand Prize)
Danwon Art Exhibition (Excellent Award
Daegu Art Exhibition (Excellent Award)

  Kim Dae Sub, what we call the square of the canvas includes the whole space we see outside the canvas frame. Looking for an art space that freely composes with the flat surface of painting and the three-dimensional structure of sculpture, the artist broadens the expanse of his creative space by using the space outside of the standardized framed canvas.

  Kim Dae Sub’s drawings consist of relationships : the relationship between the truth and the falsity of plane and solid with the use the lighting, the relationship between the deeply contrasting colors due to the marks of time borne by the tree and the combination of objects, the relationship between the roundness of the subjects within the picture and the straightness of the squared wood frame, the relationship of the composition of the objects which exist within the amusing harmony of their unique nodes and growth rings, the relationship between the space inside the frame of the canvas’ square and the spaces outside, all around, the relationship between the light and the shadow of the plane and solid dimensions of objects, etc. Although his work explains relationships of different situations, the artist wants to create one single formative order without making distinctions, in the end. In other words, his work achieves harmony as the distinction between subject and object disappears. It is all about finding the relationship and the point of contact between the objects, the pictorial relationship of the objective world and the self.

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