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Kang Se Kyung



Oil on canvas, 80×116cm, 2016

1996     Graduate from the Department of Painting at Hongik University
1998     Graduate from the Graduate School of Painting at Hongik University

2018     Insa Art Center
2014     Ghana Art Busan
2001     Joheung Gallery
1998     Master's Degree Claim, Hongik University Museum of Contemporary Art

2020     We All Together, Insa Art Center
            SUPER COLOR! SUPER ARTISTS, Reseoul Gallery
              REAL & FANTASY, Polestarart Gallery
              ASIA HOTEL ART FAIR SEOUL 2020, Ninetree Premier Hotel
2019      Matter,物, SA+HONG KONG
              Culture, become investment- A companion of the century 展, Seoul Auction House 
              Sponsored auction for the recapture of cultural assets outside the country, Seoul Auction
2018      ‘NEW WAVE’, BNK Art Gallery
              “Atelier next to the museum“, Gana Art Park
2017      CIGE, China International Gallery Expositions - National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing
              Sea 海, Gallery Jo Eun
              SEE : A new shape yesterday and today, Hongik University Museum of Contemporary Art
              “A Exhibition of a hundred Paintings” 百畵店, Yangju City Museum of Art
              Thank you 2017 (小品樂喜)- Gallery Jo Eun
              My Petite Collection, Print Bakery, Samcheong


Se Kyung Kang shows the boundary between reality and desire through a car trying to escape the frame with a vibrant use of color and a strong presence in the black and white world caught in the frame. A car that breaks through the familiar and common black and white landscape is actually a classic car of the past that may be found in museums, but it is expressed in a hyper-realistic way so that it feels vivid. A car that seems to want to run with speed shows the relationship between reality and the desires of modern people who cannot completely escape from reality. In her work, we are reflected in the image of us now wanting to get out of the present era, longing for lives on glory of the past times.

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