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Lee, Sang Hyo

카오스에서 카오스로(From Chaos To Chaos)

카오스에서 카오스로(From Chaos To Chaos)

2014, oil on canvas, 130.3×160.1cm

카오스에서 카오스로(From Chaos To Chaos)

카오스에서 카오스로(From Chaos To Chaos)

2014, oil on canvas, 112.1×160.1cm

Artist’s Note


Aspirations to the unknown world with limitless beginning and end made me have an interest to ‘a visible world’ and ‘an invisible world.’ Therefore my paintings start with “Does a boundary line exist between the two worlds?”. While various primary colors are dripped and blended with gold and silver, the images of pattern which previously showed disappear without a trace. Especially implying in the motion of ‘dripping’, contingency and variability are my desire for chaos that contains every  aspects of the world, such as accidents and inevitable consequences.


Spaces that are created this way are the invisible existence and a space of meditation that desires the essence of  pure consciousness. Therefore, it could be a former space of uncertain state or paradoxically it could be a space of ‘now, here.’


Present: Associate Professor at the Hongik Graduate School of Art, Seoul

Graduated from the college of Fine Arts, majoring in painting at Hongik University, Seoul, KOREA
Graduated from the Graduate School of painting at Hongik University, Seoul

Graduated from the Doctorate course in the Graduate School of painting at the National University Complutense of Madrid, SPAIN



Solo Exhibitions
19th Solo Exhibitions 


Group Exhibitions
Korea Galleries Art Fair ˑ KIAF-Korea International Art Fair (COEX, Seoul)
Art Chicago (U.S.A) ˑ Art Sydney (AUSTRALIA) 
ARCO-Madrid Art Fair (SPAIN) ˑ Shanghai Art Fair (CHINA)
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of Cheonggyecheon (Seoul Museum of Art) 
Exhibition of Japan·Korea Contemporary Paintings (Sejong Center for the Performing Art, Seoul)
Exhibition “The sense of sight by 12 men’s” (Madrid, SPAIN).
Opening Exhibition Joongang Ilbo Art Hall (San Francisco, U.S.A) 
Seoul Contemporary Art in Roma (ITALY)
Paintings with Lyrical Poems (Muenchen, GERMANY)
The sixtieth anniversary Exhibition for the relation between Korea and Philippines (Metropolitan Museum, Manila, PHILIPPINES)
The 2nd anniversary Exhibition for the relation between Korea and Russia (House of Central Painters, RUSSIA)
Korea Contemporary Art “TODAY” (Wroclaw, POLAND ˑ Berlin, GERMANY)


The panel

The panel of the board of examiners at the Grand Art Exhibition of KOREA & WORLD CULTURE OPEN 2004 & SEOUL & DANWON


2004   This year’s Korean Painter
2006   Korean Arts and Culture



National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea (Art Bank)

Seoul Museum of Art

Hongik Museum of Art

Kookmin Bank

Prime Mutual Savings Bank

Shindorim Technomart

Prime Industrial Co., Ltd.

Dakeo Paper Co. Ltd.

Shindongah E&C Co. Ltd.

Mirae Clinic

Dr LEE Neurosurgical Clinic

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