The Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame

Stainless Steel on Canvas

1989   College of Fine Art, Seoul National University (B.F.A)
1992   Graduate School of Seoul National University (M.F.A)

2022   19th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Moi, Busan
2021   18th Solo Exhibition, Gallery BK, Seoul
2018   17th Solo Exhibition, Gallery AG, Seoul
2016   16th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Kumsan, Seoul
2011   15th Solo Exhibition, Hotel Lotte Gallery, Seoul
2006   14th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Simon, Seoul
         13th Solo Exhibition, KIAF, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2004   12th Solo Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2003   11th Solo Exhibition, Auction Art Center, Seoul
2002   10th Solo Exhibition, Asian Live Gallery, Seoul
         9th Solo Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2001   8th Solo Exhibition, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
2000   7th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Simon, Chungdam Art Fair
1998   6th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Simon, Seoul
1995   5th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Simon, Seoul
1993   4th Solo Exhibition, Icon Gallery, Seoul
1992   3rd Solo Exhibition, Indeco Gallery, Seoul
1990   2nd Solo Exhibition, Sonamu Gallery, Seoul
1989   1st Solo Exhibition, Yoon Gallery, Seoul

2021   DIFFUSION/CONHESION, Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery, New York   
         Resonance, Lina Gallery, Seoul
         Blue Planet Deachungho Competion Exhibition, Cheongju
         Utopia : now hear, Gallery BK, Seoul
         Peace, The Wind Blows, Odu Mountain Unification Observatory, Paju
         Pangyo Art Museum, Pangyo
2020   Shine in the Light, Museum Jang sung po, Ulsan
2019   Blue, Choice Art Company, Seoul
         Pantom City, Sehwa Museum of Art, Seoul
         Korean Art - A Contemporary Take on Texture, Opera Gallery, Seoul
         Hong Kong Central, Hong Kong
         High Light Artbank, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Cheongju
2018   CONFLUENCE, Sylvia Wald & Po Kim gallery, New York
2017   Museum of Art Seoul National University New Acquisitions Exhibition, Seoul
         Forest Becomes the Road Exhibition, SNU Scholarship Building, Seoul
         The First Question, Artbit Gallery, Seoul
         Asia Contemporary Consortium Exhibition, Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery, New York
2016   Seoul National University's 70th Anniversary Exhibition, Seoul National University Dongchang Hall, Seoul
         DRAWING IN MEMORY, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul
2013   Red Gate, Gallery Hogam, Seoul
2012   Moon of Mind, Superior Gallery, Seoul

1992   Dong-A Art Festival Dong-A Art Award
1989   Central Art Exhibition Encouragement Award