Between Blue

Between Blue

60 x 60cm 2017 Oil on Linen

Between Blue

Between Blue

100 x 100cm 2017 Oil on Linen

Between Blue

Between Blue

100 x 100cm 2017 Oil on Linen


1967 Born in Geoje, Korea

1989 BFA Department of Western Painting, Hongik University, Seoul

2001 MFA Department of Painting, Hongik University, Seoul

2006 MFA Department of Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London


Solo Exhibitions


2015 Red- Silly Dream, Mimesis Art Museum, Paju, Korea

2014 Between Red, VOUS ETES ICI Gallery, Amsterdam

2012 Plastic Garden, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul

2011 Between Red, Nicholas Robinson Gallery, New York

2009 Between Red, Zonca & Zonca Gallery, Milan

          Between Red, Harewood House, Leeds, UK

          Between Red, ASPEX Contemporary Art Gallery, Portsmouth, UK

          Between Red, Union Gallery, London

          Between Red, One and J Gallery, Seoul

2007 Between Red, MIKI WICK KIM Contemporary Art, Zurich, Switzerland

2001 Daily, Contemporary Museum of Hongik University, Seoul

1999 THE, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Yangju, Korea

1998 The Navel of Sea, 21st Century Gallery, Seoul

1997 The Garden of Narcissus, Deokweon Gallery, Seoul



Group Exhibitions


2016 Hybridizing Earth Discussing Multitude, Busan Biennale, Korea, Busan

          OLD & NEW: Yesterday is the discipline through which we advance- Homage to

          Kansong , Dongdaemun Design Plaza Kansong Museum. Seoul, Korea

          Black , White , Red . ART SPACE BEN, Seoul, Korea.

          “ Please Return to Busan Port" , Vestfossen Museum, Norway

          April the Eternal Voyage, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Anshan, Korea

          EAST BRIDGE 2016 - Plastic Garden , Total Museum , Seoul, Korea

          Contemporary Sansuhwa, Pearl Lam Gallery, Hong Kong

2015 EAST BRIDGE 2016 - Plastic Garden , Force Gallery, Beijing 798, China

         "Have a Good day, Mr, Kim", Choi & Lager Gallery, Cologne, Germany

          L'exposition de " Seoul 'Vite Vite' a Tripostal, Lille, Commissaire, France

2014 Korea Tomorrow, Dongdaemun Design Plaza Museum, Seoul

         The Moment, We Awe, Sanshang Contemporary Art Museum, Hangzhou, China

         Sweet Dew- since 1980, Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall, Gwangju, Korea

         Neo-Sansu, Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea

2013 Pulse of Sight, Hakgojae Shanghai, Shanghai

          Real Landscape of the day, Gyeomjae Jeongseon Memorial Museum, Seoul

          The Moment, We Awe, HOW Art Museum, Wenzhou, China

2012 (Im)Possible Landscape, PLATEAU, Seoul

          Cynical Resistance, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam

          One must imagine Sisyphus happy, House of the Nobleman, London

          Prelude, Space Cottonseed, Singapore

2011 彼我同一: We are who you are, Gallery Jijihyang, GyeongGi, Korea

          Sea of Peace, Incheon Art Platform, GyeongGi, Korea

          The Future Pass, International Art Exhibition “ILLUMInations Biennale Venezia”, Venezia, Italy

          Bad Exhibition, PIN Gallery, Beijing

2010-11Korean Art Issue 2010: Art of National Division -

           The Flower on the Snow, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, Korea

2010 Plastic Garden, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai

          The Accursed Share, Gallery Artside, Beijing

          New Organ, Space* C, Seoul

          A Different Similarity, Museum Bochum, Bochum, Germany

          Here and There - The World in Motion 2010, LuXun Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, Shenyang, China; Seoul, Busan

2009 Trans Real-My Hometown, Asia House, London

         City net Asia 2009, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

          After Gogo: New Era of Korean Art, 2009 Ljubliana Graphic Biennale, Cankarjev Dom Gallery, Ljubliana, Slovenia

          A Different Similarity, Santralistanbul Museum, Istanbul

          Korea on the Rocks, Art Seasons Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2008 Reshaping the Landscape, Neuberger Museum of Art, New York

          My Name is Red, FURINI Arts Contemporanea, Arezzo, Italy

          4482 Korean Artists in London, Bargehouse OXO Tower Wharf, London 

          Asian Art in London, Of Origin and Future, I - MYU Projects, London

          Landslide, I - MYU Project, London

2007 Sense of Moment, Cais Gallery, Hong Kong

           4482: Korean Contemporary Artists in London, King’s park Studio, London

           Late at Tate Britain, Fold07 performance, Tate Britain, London

           The Catlin Art Prize 2007, My Life in Art Gallery, London

           Salon Nouveau, Engholm Engelhorn Gallery, Vienna

2006 Susak Expo, Island of Susak, Croatia

         Still Dynamics, Jerwood Space, London

2003 Difference of Time, Noam Gallery, Seoul

2001 Humidity, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul

          Origin, Sejong Centre for the Performing Arts, Seoul

1999 Korea-Australia Exchange Exhibition, Dansoung Gallery, Seoul Origin, Gang Gallery, Seoul

          Cord-New Image, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul

1998 Millennium, Hyundai Art Gallery, Seoul

1997 FROG, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul

         WSIN WIND NOW ‘97, Museum of Hunabaci, Japan

1994 Korea – Japan Modern Art Exchange, Arts Hall, Seoul

         Turning Point of Concept Toward 2000, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

         Subconscious of 20 People, Chung Nam Art Gallery, Seoul

         Self Portrait – A Net of Time, Arts Hall, Seoul

1993 Young Views, Mikun Gallery, Seoul

          Self Search of Correspondent, Beakah Museum, Daegu, Korea

1993-96 The 4-8 Walking People, Dukwon Gallery, ChungNam Museum, Kwanhoon Museum, Seoul

1992 KEY, InDeco Gallery, Seoul

          New Generation Painting’s Cross-Section, Kyungin Gallery, Seoul

1989 SYNDROME, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

          New Artists, KoKung Museum, Seoul

          Space Experience Through Painterly Eyes, Kwanhoon Museum, Seoul

          Glass Table>, Do-Wol Gallery, Seoul

          From Human, Matter, and Existence, Kwanhoon Museum, Seoul

          ’89 – Direction, Do-Wol Gallery, Seoul

1988 The 7th Korea Art Fair, National Museum of Modern Art, Gwacheon

          The 11th Central Art Fair, Ho-Wahm Art Hall, Seoul

1986 The 9th Central Art Fair, National Museum of Modern Art, Gwacheon





All Visual Arts, London

Bank of America, USA

Berger Collection, Zurich, Switzerland

Collection of Caralie Etroy, London

Collection of James Li, Beijing