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Kang Hyung Koo

Saint Monroe

Saint Monroe

Oil on canvas, 147x194cm, 2017



Oil on canvas, 160x120cm, 2018

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Oil on aluminum 121x121cm, 2015



Oil on aluminum 121x121cm, 2016

Churchill's Eye

Churchill's Eye

Oil on aluminum, 145x140cm, 2017


1980      B.F.A. College of Arts, Chungang University, Seoul, Korea



2020       Eye to Eye, Gallery BK, Seoul, Korea
2019       Intimate Strangers, Arario Museum, Jeju, Korea
2018       CLOSE UP, Choice Art Company, Seoul, Korea

2016       ‘SOUL' WITH ONE'S FLAME, Parkview Green Museum, Beijing, China

                   'FRAMELESS HEADS', museum of contemporary art Shanghai, China

2014         Hyung Koo Kang and His Muse, OH! Marylin, Arario Gallery, Cheonan, Korea

2013         I See You, Youngeun Museum, Gyeonggi, Korea

                     'engrave', Arario Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012         Crossing Gazes, Mizuma Gallery, Singapore, Singapore

2011         Burning Gaze, Singarpore Art Museum, Singapore, Singapore

2010         Arario Gallery, Beijing, China

2009         Arario Gallery, Seoul, Korea

                     Arario Gallery, Newyork, United States

2007         Arario Gallery, Cheonan, Korea

2006         Lotte Art Gallery, Busan, Korea

2005         Gwangju Museum, Gwangju, Korea

2004         Gallery SANG, Seoul, Korea

                      Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

                      Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea

2003          Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea

2002          Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea

                      Samsung Plaza Gallery, Bundang, Korea

2001          Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea 

                      Chosunilbo Museum



2020           영은지기, 기억을 잇다: 진실되게, Youngeun Museum, Gyeonggi, Korea
2018            ART IN LIFE, Angeli Art Museum, Yongin, Korea
                        Contemporary Art Dictionary 7 Keywords, Jeonbuk Province Art Museum, Wanju, Korea

2017            MATTER AND MASS - ART FURNITURE, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
                         Voice of Asia, Arario Gallery, Shanghai, China

                         ATELIER STORY EXHIBITION, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea


                         American University Museum, Washington D.C, United States

2015             Illusion and Fantasy, MMCA Seoul, Seoul, Korea

2014             Special Exhibition, Saatchi Gallery, London, England

                         Artist, Portrait of the Aesthetic Soul, KIM BO SEONG Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2013             Look East! 2: Asian Perspective, Mizuma Gallery, Singapore, Singapore


Kang Hyung Koo is a representative artist who best represents the private expression of large-scale portraits in the contemporary art world. It is actively engaged in activities not only in Korea but also around the world, and has contributed to raising the level and status of Korean modern art to the next level through exhibitions at leading art museums and institutions. Portraits by Kang include not only important figures in art history, but also key figures from the crossroads of changing world history, and movie stars who captured the eyes and hearts of many people. However, the figures, which can be recognized by anyone, are reborn as a new personality by the Kang with his own vision, pose, monochromatic tone, and exaggerated and enlarged details. Since Kang Hyung Koo began his work as his first solo exhibition in 2001, he has participated in various group exhibitions at Gwangju Biennale, Seoul Museum of Art, London Satchie Gallery, and Mizuma Gallery in Singapore. In addition, after the individual exhibition in Arario Seoul and New York in 2009, a large-scale individual exhibition was held at National Museum of Contemporary Art in Singapore in 2011, which attracted great attention from Asian and global art circles. 

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