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2022 3rd CAAF

Choice Annual Art Festival

ART AFFAI                                                                                               

Co-Art Festival 


Starfield Hannam Central Atrium 1F

Feb 4th (Fri) ~ Feb 20th (Sun)

Choice Art Company hosts, with Shinsegae Property, the 3rd Co-Art Fair named ‘ART AFFAIR Exhibition’.


‘ART AFFAIR Exhibition’ shows, taking February ‘month of Love’ as a subject, different spectrums of love. This exhibition will be a meaningful experience of novelty mingled with sweetness wearing the clothes of art. We will present very active artists who have the attention on the present art market along with current rising artists, focusing on the different loves in our lives. Korean painting has received love since early times, and we provided a seat to appreciate the newly reinterpreted creative works from the contemporary look of Hong-ik University’s department of Oriental painting and MZ-generation students. Moreover, we plan to present visual amusement to everyone, in a space where they are together with their beloved ones and family, gathering in the same place little sculpture artworks and craft artworks for offering.

In collaboration with universities such as Hong-ik University Industry-Academy Collaboration, Chung-Ang University College of Arts or Seoul National University Consumer Cooperation, the Co-Art Festival gathers the famous artists and professors who graduated from those schools, and the promising new artists you recommended. This meaningful exhibition is meant to encourage them and enable them to grow. Seoul National  University Consumer Cooperation also participates in the exhibition with goods that can only be seen in the school. By exhibiting works with universities in a shopping center where a lot of the public go to, we hope that you will have the opportunity to think about the meaning of true coexistence.

Host, organizer, sponsor                                                    Partnership

Shinsegae Property                                                             Chung-Ang University, College of Arts

Starfield                                                                               Seoul National University, Consumer Cooperative

Choice Art Company                                                           Hong-ik University, Industry-Academy Collaboration


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