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pigment printing, 아크릴 압착, 99.1 x 100cm, limited edition 135



pigment printing, 아크릴 압착, 120x118.5cm, limited edition 15

Graduated from Kyungpook National University, College of Fine Arts, majoring in Western Painting
Graduated from Kyungpook National University

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2022    HORIATSPACE, Seoul
2020    Seoul Auction, Seoul
2018     Rho Gallery, Seoul
2017     Aroot Art Platform, Seoul
2013     Rho Gallery, Seoul
2009    Leeahn Gallery, Changwon
2007    Rho Gallery, Seoul

1998     Grand Prize at the 18th Daegu Art Exhibition, Culture and Arts Center, Daegu
1994     Communist Art Festival, Donga Gallery, Seoul
1993     Special Prize, 12th Korea Art Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon

Art Bank, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum of Art, etc.

About the artist
Byungrock Yoon was born in 1968 in Yeongcheon, Gyeongbuk, Korea, and graduated from Gyeongbuk National University, majoring in Western Painting. He studied depiction in order to survive in Daegu, where there are many figurative artists, and began to gain recognition when he won the 18th Daegu Art Exhibition Grand Prize, a special prize at the Korea Art Exhibition, while he was still in college. His works are characterized by extending the apples in his works, which are objectified and seem to be about to fall, to the outside space outside the frame. He also depicts the apples not on a rectangular, standardized canvas, but on a secondary, deformed, hand-made plate. The busy outlines of the deformed plates make the apples stand out in a more three-dimensional way, blurring the boundaries between virtuality and reality, making it seem as if the apples have burst into the real world. For him, apples are like memories and nostalgic homecomings, and he has been painting them with a joyful and happy heart. He hopes that viewers will feel the same happiness in his paintings.

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