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Kim Ho Yeon


1985 Graduated from Hong-ik University College of Fine Arts

1987 Graduated from Hong-ik University Graduate School

2016-2018 Professor at Hong-ik University College of Fine Arts 

2020-2022 Dean of Hong-ik University College of Fine Arts




1985 Contemporary Grand Art Exhibition – Grand Prize

1987 Young Artist Exhibition – Superior Prize

웃음꽃 202206-RP100

웃음꽃 202206-RP100

162.2x112.1cm(100P) Acrylic on canvas 2022

웃음꽃2 202204-RP305

웃음꽃2 202204-RP305

90.9x90.9cm Acrylic on canvas 2022



Acrylic on canvas, 30호

​Artists' Note

  I, as well as the one who is looking, do not like to anguish and get serious in front of paintings. What is natural and peaceful can fully become philosophy. Isn’t it a “better life if we do not push down”? When I played golf, football and go in a relaxed way, I was told I stood above others. I endeavor not to push down the brush.

   Also, I draw like “drawing a happy painting makes happy”.

That’s probably why the flowers in my paintings are smiling, and fish are excitedly jumping. The titles of my works are also all ‘Smile flower’, ‘Happy Garden’, ‘Nature+Dream+Eternity’.



Selected as the cover artist of the magazine <A Home Full of Happiness> for the August issue in 2021.

<A Home Full of Happiness> is a culture magazine that features family, life, food, fashion, and beauty. The blue painting on the cover was born during Kim Ho Yeon's thirties where he was inspired by the pure and transparent blue color of Korean 'Cheongwhabaekja'.

Selected as the cover artist of the magazine <Severance> from one of the leading Korean university hospital 'Yonsei University Severance'.

"His work is based on the freedom of play that does notcling to any object and is misled by any promises. The figures painted by this freedom show a unique sense of weightlessness. In front of the specific shape of the work, we see a rich and warm feast of colors and through this, we see a harmonious virtualization of nature. It warms our eyes bodies like fog, transcending the walls of time to awaken childhood memories and fantasies."

- Ha Seo Kyu Critic(Professor of Hong-ik University)

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