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Park Jongkyu

Vertical Time

Vertical Time

90.9x72.7cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2022

Vertical Time

Vertical Time

72.7x60cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2022

Vertical Time

Vertical Time

90.9x72.7cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2022

Vertical Time

Vertical Time

116.8x91cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2022


2022      Noosphere 2022, CNK gallery, Daegu           

               Vertical time 2022, BK gallery, seoul

2021      Vertical time 2021, Gana Art Nineone, Seoul

              ~Kreuzen 2021 J. PARK, Joeun Gallery, Seoul

2020      ~Kreuzen 2020 J. PARK, Date Gallery, Busan

2019      ~Kreuzen 2019 J. PARK, Daegu Art Museum, Daegu

               ~Beacon Code 2019 J. PARK, Gallery Bundo, Daegu

               ~Beacon Code 2019 J. PARK, Gallery Yangsan, Yangsan

               ~Beacon Code 2019 J. PARK, Billy Works, Daegu

2018      Trajectory 2018 J. PARK, Date Gallery, Busan

               Trajectory 2018 J. PARK, Shin Gallery, NewYork

               Embodiment 2018 J. PARK, Youngeun museum, Gwangju Gyeonggi-do

               The Armory Show New York section Focus,EMBODIMENT,  New York

2017      Embodiment 2017 J. PARK, Ben Brown Fine arts , Hongkong

               Embodiment 2017 J. PARK, Indang museum, Daegu

               Residuals and Errors, Good space, Daegu

               Art basel hong kong section insight (Maze of onlookers), Hongkong



2020   TEFAF MAASTRICHT 가나아트, 마스트리히트, 네덜란드

2018      아트바젤 홍콩, 리안갤러리, 홍콩

               OMAKASE, 신갤러리, 뉴욕

2017      쾰른아트페어, Ben Brown Fine arts, 쾰른

2016      Korea Tomorrow 성곡미술관 서울

               창원국제조각비엔날레, 창원, 한국

2013      Mart Art전, 관훈미술관, 서울

               아트열차 2013 도시철도 프로젝트, 대구 도시철도 1호선

               제4회 국제현대미술제 고백의정원, 광주비엔날레미술관, 광주

2021      <Utopia: now here>, Gallery BK, Seouㅣ

2020      TEFAF MAASTRICHT GanaArt,  Maastricht, The Netherlands

2018      Art Basel Hong Kong,Leeahn gallery, Hongkong

               OMAKASE, Shin Gallery New York, New York

2017      Art Cologne, Ben Brown Fine Arts, Koeln

2016      Korea Tomorrow, Sungkok Art Museum of Art, Seoul

               Changwon International Sculpture Biennial, Changwon

2013      Mart –Art, Gwanhoon Museum Of Art, Seoul

               Art Train Project 2013, Daegu

               The 4th International Contemporary Art Gwangju Art-VisionExhibition, Gwangju Biennale

  Park Jongkyu transforms digital images into the world of causes. With the title "Vertical Time", he visualizes noise through images of points and lines within pixels, the smallest unit of a digital image. He shows that we can all proudly shine as a main character even when we're left out from the center of attention. In other words, the things that were abandoned just because they were judged useless or unnecessary were substituted for 'noise', and at the same time, the question of whether an artistic value exists in the excluded things was solved through his work.

 The noise in Park Jongky's work means the noise in an auditory sense and unnecessary signals in electronic communication. With the theme of noise found in digital images, he attempts to break down the general concept, questioning the criteria of necessity and unnecessity, mainstream and non-mainstream. The area was expanded to include plane works, installations, performances, and videos while dealing with his concerns, attitude and relationship with his work.

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